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Why is the health of the population a dis-concern for governments?

Every aspect of the overall personal health of the population at large are controlled by the top one percent of our population in the US. The largest cost to us personally is things we do to keep us healthy. Food, clothing, housing and health insurance. All of which are controlled by the that top one percent. When all you need to do is inject silly amounts of money into the political system that regulates your behavior. You can control the rate of the human population on this planet. You can bet that top one percent does not eat from our menu’s. With increases to organic consumption by those who have the means to do so, ensures an abundant supply of these pure foods to that one percent. Also the ability to have lavish surroundings and access to the best healthcare the President would receive will guarantee longevity. The ability to afford extravagant survival compounds underground in the case of world catastrophe or pandemic as well.

Of course you also see the systems you created are starting to come to a head in many places. You know a world depopulation needs to occur, if for the reduction in fossil fuel depletion alone. Also to have a one world government able to eventually form from its aftermath. This is your ultimate goal that must eventually be implemented. Its just a matter of having things into place. So you have a 9/11 in order to start implementing this control over the masses and the data they produce. This is why governments have no concern about the heath effects of its population. Only certain groups of individuals are going to be guaranteed survival. This will include troops and their families pulled into protection as well. There’s nothing like a grateful patriotic citizen you have trained with a gun to emerge with you eventually to repopulate. The rest will have to fight for it. Overall health concerns should be the least of our worries. It just a matter of when. This will be the true end of days for many of us.

When you are willing to kill a sum of your population for political, financial and human control. You are willing to do whatever it takes to get you out of a big problem you need to solve for your survival and continued control. Dis-concern for jobs of the Americans could be contributed to this as well. Especially if those jobs and health affects are putting large sums of money to that one percent.

Of course this could only be true if you believe that one percent and its interest’s are the interest of our government policies.

Possibly the motivation for such a global dominance might be from all the antisemitism wrongfully expressed towards the Jews. The murder of so many during WWII when the Pope turned his back on them. Then worst of all claim they are responsible for the death of Jesus which is false doctrine. This hatred by the over two billion Christians towards a few hundred million Jews would be motivation enough for the Jews at the top of our major corporations and the Federal Reserve. Good ole wholesome greed as well.

I am an atheist.