Alien abductions?

The reason I would like to mention this is because of an experience I can not get out of my thoughts on the whole alien encounter or possibly abductions? Two things tell me in fact the powers of the human mind. One an experience of sleep paralysis. Two a vivid dream experience. You see I live in Hawaii and in this part of the world we don’t see UFO’s or claim abductions. Unexplained lights are not the same thing as seeing crafts with no sound in broad daylight.

Therefore one on a subconscious level living here can dismiss this experience much easier than in other places. I went to bed one night and always had sleeping problems from an early age. In this experience I felt the feeling of paralysis. Only in this state I recognized the room around me to be my bedroom and dark with my eyes wide awake. Then I see this bright light shining through the sliding glass doors to my room on the second floor. Before I knew it I was seeing these beings staring down at me just as others have claimed in my room standing next to my bed. I knew this could not be and fought like hell to wake up. My mind was saying to me, there is no way a ship is outside my window. My neighbors would see it and what would they want with me of all people. I fought it and fought it then woke up. I was kinda scared still because I wasn’t quite sure it if it was real or not. Then within  a few minutes I realized this was the power of the mind working on my psyche during a state between deep sleep. I thought why of all things would I someone who completely at the time didn’t believe beings in ships even existed. I had not been exposed that I could remember to any media on the subject that would have influenced this into my mind. It was this paralyzing state that allowed something in my subconscious to trigger thoughts of these beings and lights. Not to say it didn’t take some time for my deduction aliens might have made me think it was a dream, being discounted to the nature of the phenomenon. It wasn’t until a couple of days later when I was looking through the movies on cable it dawned on me I had watched a movie that had Alien’s in it. It was about two weeks prior. The movie was Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Most sleep experiences for me are forgotten quickly like dreams. Only this one after a couple of days was still there. As a matter of fact it took about two weeks for it to stop popping into my thoughts. I believe I am probably an undiagnosed case for ADD without any doubt.

The second is a vivid dream experience. I have only had one in my lifetime which gave me for about a year the feeling I had seen into the future unable to forget it completely to this day. It finally faded from my recent memory to my subconscious. Upon waking I knew I had been having a really bad dream. The people in my dream were people I liked who were very religious and owned the home I had been leasing for the past 12 twelve years. In the dream I was in their home and it was on fire and I had been the one who started the fire. What really disturbed me was how this dream seemed so different. It was as if I knew I was dreaming while it was happening, because it was a picture in time and place for the future. I was a clear vivid in color setting, so sharp I could reach out and touch the flames it seemed.

It wasn’t until three years later and that dream was far from my thoughts by then. An incident occurred which had the older son being asked to handle it and took the view of another over me and I ultimately lost the home and all my valuable possessions to the perpetrators of this crime. I believe the sons reason for making these decision against me stemmed from a situation where I had gone out to help him broke down on the road. I ended up towing him home with my vehicle which scared the hell out of him because I was going too fast and the length of the tow rope was short. It wasn’t until some time later I was in that position while towing a vehicle that it dawned on me how scary it can be.

I had complete resentment towards these people now after moving out of that home. It wasn’t until about a year after moving out I had remembered this vivid dream I had many years earlier. The strange thing about all of it, was even after a year I could see myself doing exactly as I had dreamed without remorse. Thankfully I was not a suicidal person. Had I been so it may have crossed my mind to attempt to fulfill this prophecy in the beliefs it was a destiny of sorts. I also rely on a sense of reasoning in the underlying character of us all that says to take someone’s life is just plain wrong and have no right to do so, unless ours is in danger. I am an atheist by the way.

This is not to say there isn’t something going on. People in record numbers are reporting sightings and strange occurrences with lost segments of time. What it means to me is the power of human thought into the subject of beings in ships from far away places can play strongly in our subconscious then manifest themselves into our rational thought. A percentage of these experiences can be attributed to sleep paralysis. Any species with knowledge to this power of the human mind including other humans could exploit this aspect of our thoughts to their advantage as well.

If a species of great intelligence was among us. It would only seem logical they would attempt to have hybrids with humans. So would we if we had the power and know how to do so. We humans are still naive is all.


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