The “Aliens” are the gods

You make history when you are right. U just may not be there when it pops out of a data base~

Its been proved early man drew depictions in a skyward manner that clearly would be a craft in nature.

Therefore great technology was present well before we became civilized as a “species”

Putting all divine beliefs aside for a moment to the purposes of this view. Also to add every person

as far back as we can remember, learned about god from another human initially.

There is undeniable proof of ancient structural ruins all over the world in places that amaze us for such early technology.

With explanations to there existence attributed to man power because of slaves. These are the answers you give to people asking how come we can’t match the abilities of our ancient civilizations. If they were so ancient surly the knowledge of the world would have been much farther behind that of modern man and his abilities. To say your not sure how they did something is one thing. Your inability to match it in ability, should be of some concern. Otherwise greater technology has been on this planet well before us.

Who are we?

Clearly the beings depicted by those credible people who have seen or experienced are humanoid in nature and we call “aliens”. This is a very important factor. The fact that they breath oxygen and are very intelligent. This means if they are from another planet. That planet would have to be very similar to earth in many ways. Our bone structures allow us to carry our frame in this atmosphere. A planet of similar atmosphere would be necessary for them as well.

With great technology comes great knowledge. That great knowledge comes with the ability to understand the recurrence of great disaster in the ancient past where whole civilizations seem to have suddenly vanished. We’re amazed at some the technological know how of such early people. This is because civilization would crawl back after great calamity with little or no ability to save records of that knowledge. Then great calamity happens again thousands of years later or even hundreds. Each time causing man to revert back to early survival skills after an extinction. After great periods of time the surface can be repopulated.  Man gets tested once again. Our current existence can be traced back to one woman in Africa. This is very important as well. Mans ability to survive gets tested over and over. It turns out to be a very good choice, strong enough to survive starting over.

There is nothing in the Egyptian hieroglyphics that depicts any association with the building of the pyramids. You would think three big monoliths, would have you talking about them. Its been proved those pyramids would have been perfectly aligned with the constellation of Orion. Only it would have been over twenty thousand years ago.

For a species having the technology to travel in a craft in our atmosphere and near space, is much easier to attain than to try and go to other stars. To say its one good explanation for the technology we can not match in ability. Is proof to structures on this planet in our ancient past could be from a species that had the technology to fly in our low atmosphere like we have, only much better. As a matter of fact if we humans had that kind of technology. We would probably of had no problem establishing a coloney on the moon. Especially if lets say a rock was heading our way for the survival of the species. We would evacuate a certain amount of “people” or beings to keep the species from going extinct like thousands do on this planet.

To be so arrogant as to claim superior knowledge over all other inhabitants who ever walked the face of this planet, yet can’t duplicate their abilities, says just about anything could have been our past.

Just as these “beings” could be from another planet like ours. Means they could have been from our planet.

One of the great problems they would have needed to overcome once mixing their DNA with a primate.(missing link)

For civilized groups of people beginning to congregate in one area able to survive and grow with other families. It became much harder to live because people would do whatever it took to eat or get the possessions of another for gain and survival. The best way to cover up anything you did so no repercussion could come your way, is to kill all the witnesses. Still used today by ruthless people. People who really do not have any religious beliefs. To have the new species survive they needed to instill in most people, which wasn’t as hard as it would be today. A belief of an ever seeing deity that will reward or punish you when you die, depending how you behaved alive. One, the greatest thing anyone could ever want; eternal afterlife. The other of course great eternal burning. I mean everyone could imagine what burning to death would be like. Now add forever.

Unless of course someone can explain to me how something built in the past is beyond our abilities to duplicate. Also why early man drew pictures of crafts on the cave walls. Interstellar space travel has been pretty much proved to be impossible. There is just too many factors that can wipe out any craft.  My theory at least can hold water.


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