Time perception when stepping to the edge. Human entropy?

What am I speaking of when I say “the edge”?. The edge is a perception of the actual view into our no longer existing as a human by mistake or by hap chance and overcome it. Being able to actually view ourselves at that edge. You must remain conscience through the experience to appreciate it more. Realizing what stepping off that edge will be, the next dimension of what we consider to be what will happen when we die and will be your next experience. I have heard people give recollections of this experience stating they viewed their life flashing in front of them. The strange thing I find with this perception is our life has too much information for us to understand or comprehend in what could be considered a split second in time. You are usually very busy getting yourself out of it. Sure there are just some lucky ones. Those most times had nothing to do with the factors getting them in that position doing nothing to help themselves. That is dumb luck and rare. People who truly have been to the edge would I think agree wholeheartedly a perfect definition to someone who has never truly experienced, could be said in two words. The Edge. You looked over that edge, yet were fortunate enough by luck or action able to step back. 

We do many things that are risky and believe them to be calculated risks. Be it a desire for a specific outcome intentional or not. A sensation of thrill not thought out. Maybe just the wrong place and time or realizing this is not the time for any kind of mistake.  Our knowledge of whether we have the ability and confidence to be successful in split second decisions. Especially when it may be the actions of another who has just put you there.

I believe there also may be an adaptation for survival to risky behavior that sometimes gives us a split second advantage to know the reaction to causation for protection from harm. This could be as simple as getting into our vehicles and driving a short distance, mowing a lawn or even frying an egg.

I had an indelible experience once during an accident that happened while helping a friend with her vehicle. Unlike most vehicles this one had a drain plug for the fuel tank. In attempting to drain the tank I had noticed my small halogen light was a bit close for comfort, so I asked my friend to pull the light back a little (with some concern) as it was missing the glass lens. She bent down seeing the fuel was running down the back of my arm dripping off my elbow panicked jerking the light back causing the electrical cord to unplug right next to me. 

What still blows my mind to this day is how time seemed to almost stop, instantly a flash of flame overcame me sending me pulling away from the vehicle, then the actual flash explosion came a split second later as I pulled away once again. Almost a “Deja vu” experience. I don’t associate Deja vu with traumatic experiences. Those are usually hap chance random experiences in everyday interactions also rare. Usually involving other people making a statement or some actions we make leaving the feeling to have already experienced before. I felt I may have even dreamed a couple of those experiences. This was different, yet time seemed to stop much like those couple of times at the edge in those younger days when you think you’re invincible. Just without the preview.

When people describe traumatic experiences they have lived through. Many times all memory is usually lost just after the second of the experience. Sometimes forever or short periods coming back to them over time. They always seem to have a vivid memory of what they perceived to be doing up until that point. Hearing these experiences from people you also will get statements of the perception of time slowing down and everything seems to be happening in slow motion as well.

I have always been bothered by an experience I had at a time of a traumatic event I had gone through and why I experienced it. I was very coherent never losing conciseness, yet entered into the human response which is referred to as the “fight or flight” response. The adrenaline is now being administered throughout my body giving me the ability if only for a split second to see the future before it actually happens. This may be part of that survival mechanism built in to give us just that much edge on what we are about to step over, in order to give us the ability to think of the best reaction too what we are about to experience0   


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