Imagine because of your customs, ideologies to good people must feel when singled out.

Singled out as a scape goat. This is to say only if 9/11 was a lie. Then an innocent group of people would have been targeted for world discrimination.

I could have said hypothetically, only this should be quite obvious already.

What if it were your race and religious beliefs that were chosen for part of this operation in America for America’s reasons only just using you as part of it? Lets be real here folks. The percentage of Fundamentalist to Traditional Muslims is a great disparity. So now you have a majority of people like you and me, who like the good things in life and want to feel safe and happy with their families in their homes, have no desires to kill anyone, yet are Muslims.

Why them of all the factions that make us up as a world? You must be in these good peoples shoes and there is only one conclusion for that choice and it is completely occupation related. All the political bull aside these people know there are bigger reasons for wanting to occupy their land than any liberation. Imagine this happening in America and you get the same results in thinking. We don’t have the market cornered on the intelligence it would take to figure out what is happening here.

What you end up with is a deep resentment by good human beings towards a country that has the military might and audacity to come into their country because it doesn’t like its leader. Then blame it on their ideological beliefs attempting to make them all bad. No not in the eyes of the sensible people. Its the rest of the greatest majority of Americans who get this false view.

These people live under these regimes for many years. They know a snake when they see one.

Interesting though how much the united states has benefited from 9/11. Not it’s people. The Federal Government.

Imagine for that minute one more time the damage to an innocent people viewed all over the world wrongly persecuted for the gain of others so far away and powerful.

Anyone who has been completely wronged by false innuendo could relate to this feeling.

The only difference is most personal bad reputations to most of us is just that us. It becomes old news quick enough and you go on with your life. Imagine that reputation wrongfully placed integrated into your every day life? It could have the ability to turn very good people into very vindictive ones every time that person thinks “why them”.

Now lets flip that switch back to reality and the truth and just say, “that will teach a small group of people to somehow represent all of the people of their region and religion then dare to attack a country so great as America” “They all deserve whatever they get for coming into our country and embarrassing us so badly” “Lets just round it off and say anyone who make break for the calling of Adhan during any given day” “That must be an inferior god overpowering them by forcing them to praise him daily.”

Lock um up anyway. We will get around to questioning the ones we know who have organized against this occupation. Exactly what any American would do if patriotic and faced with the same situation. Only now they can give them a different name than a defender. Oh why? They failed to organize uniforms so therefore must be of a faction of fundamentalist terrorist who want to see America destroyed at any cost. If they didn’t before they most certainly may want it now. Wouldn’t you?









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