Even if you think the 9/11 truthers are wacko’s. Here is one interesting observation….

about four 757 jet aircraft disappearing completely on the same exact day. Wait, we all seen planes fly into the towers. Yes we all did. Only we all seen it on TV. Only those in New York city were able to see the planes live. Or wait did they really see one or did they hear one then an explosion? We also seen the BBC’s live announcement that building 7 had collapsed, yet it was still standing in the background. Then the feed when dead. Never to be seen on national TV again. This video I have here is very interesting perspective and fills in the missing pieces to four jet airliners that disappeared completely. Our ability as nation who has never had such an attack on our soil overlooked many very difficult things to possibly happen. I will try to keep this focused on those aircraft.

Now everyone knows there really is only one video that has ever been shown to the public on the second plane. Any videos shown on that day besides the single one no longer have been shown on “national” TV. There was only one shown of the first plane as well. Now this first incident could be possible but there are numerous cameras all over the city placed for surveillance by government and private companies that could have possibly had the twin towers in the back ground. Even if it be miles away. They were two very distinct structures that filled the New York skyline. Yet we see no others.

The first thing I noticed about the “video” of the first plane is the sound. The sound would have been horrendous at full speed. That plane would have been heard well before it got close the towers bringing everyone’s attention towards the sky before the impacts. It would be impossible to fly in those crafts if they were not so well insulated. The sounds in the official version could have been played from a loud speaker atop one of those high rises, it was so muffled.

You see I have been in the building trades for over twenty years and was so puzzled how those aircraft could have past the alloy test. Both of them. The alloy test in this case is steel vs. aluminum. You see in order for one alloy to overcome another it must be able to beat it in strength. Diamonds cut glass but glass just may get you divorced one day.  In order for the planes to have completely overcome the buildings without leaving a shred of the aircraft outside the building, it would have had to be made of steel and the buildings be made of aluminum.

Now the second building is even more amazing because by that time everyone and there uncle would have had a camera pointed towards the sky. Not one news outlet had live feed of the second tower being hit. They all had the same video of the second plane. Shot by one individual. This would be unprecedented in such an event. Yet we were all so emotionally detached we didn’t notice these little details.

Now I may not have given this video any weight for the fact there were two additional 757 aircraft that overcame the alloy test that day as well. Everyone has see plane crashes before but not into buildings. So what? The alloy test must always pass for one to “completely overcome” the other. The Pentagon I can not believe they decided on the official story they did, but they knew much better than I when it comes to perception and belief. You must believe the official story because anything else is unthinkable. It might have been somewhat believable to most had those aircraft not have wing spans of over 200 feet. I’m sorry folks but the official story was that plane “disintegrated” into the building. That hole was just way too small. But a missile is what the “only” official video released of that incident looks much more like. Aircraft just cannot fly that fast that close to the ground it is physically impossible. You also see flames approaching the building but it looks like it has been sped up to give the emphasis on the explosion.

Now we come to the fourth plane we all know what crashes like these look like they have happened all over the world since the beginning of air flight. Only no we do not see this in this crash. Although the ground is much softer than aluminum to have it overcome the ground it would need to be so loose like dune sand. But there have been crashes in dune sand and the only time the crafts were buried is after sand blew over them. The crafts were much smaller during the second world war. I will post a link to that area in Pennsylvania in 1994 showing that scar in the ground already. It is a geological survey map. The one that makes it look like the wings spans would have been buried with the craft itself. The official crash “photo” (no video) looks like a missile went into the center of that scar. Why were there no videos of that area? You would think news agencies would have been flying all over that area.

Okay now we can address the craziness in all this thinking. I will just touch on a couple good points we all must understand. “9/11 HAD TO OCCUR IN ORDER FOR US TO CONTINUE LIVING WITH THE FREEDOMS WE STILL HAVE” This is a big statement and should not be said lightly.

Many would say it would be impossible for government to keep a secret. No, the political participants of government does not need to be involved. Oh don’t get me wrong the very top of government the president and vise the military and some others. They had to come on board because we as a nation were facing certain demise. Not for our weakness but for the very core of our constitution “Freedom”. Many countries have emulated ours in many ways but no country “had” shared the kinds of freedoms we possessed.

We have two secret agencies in this country we know nothing of there budget or there operations. They say for reasons of national security. The NSA and the CIA. These agencies are well equipped to handle the operations of 9/11. They do complex operations in other countries and just so happens are the ones storing all of our information. This would have been treason pre-9/11. This is why they needed an event to overcome what legislation could not give them in time. Once we fall there would be no coming back. Fall from what? “Technology” This advancement and our 4th amendment rights would have made it impossible to function as a country in this information age.

You could never convince the populace to give up the freedoms and information if told the demise of the nation was at risk. Who would deliver such a request pre 9/11. No one in their right mind who didn’t want to be lynched politically, financially and maybe literally. Yet as a country we faced this and needed a president who would play ball. That is where George W Bush was groomed for the position. This knowledge has been known for some time well before 9/11 but started to become a real problems with the Internet and cell phone technology. Information would soon be at everyone’s finger tips. If the government didn’t have it all at there’s we could be in for a financial fallout or an attack on our computer systems that would lead to this financial demise.

One last point.  “Why the twin towers? How come they didn’t use some other way of doing the same thing for affect? “Asbestos” Yes all three of those buildings were scheduled for the most extensive and expensive asbestos removal in history mandated by federal law. The cost would have been so great and possibly claims by long term tenants to health problems later. The owner of the building would not be able to afford the cost of the removal and keep the buildings. The government would have had to buy the buildings because no one else would buy them with this cost. This is the same problem with building 7. Only this is because it held government agencies. They needed to take care of their own for health reasons. 

This video is 45 minutes but fills in the holes to the alloy tests failure of four 757 aircraft on that inevitable day. Its author offers $100,000 to anyone who can show a video of planes hitting the towers. Well worth your time I assure you.

This is your geological survey shot in this video of Pennsylvania in 1994.


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