Why is the health of the population a dis-concern for governments?

Every aspect of the overall personal health of the population at large are controlled by the top one percent of our population in the US. The largest cost to us personally is things we do to keep us healthy. Food, clothing, housing and health insurance. All of which are controlled by the that top one percent. When all you need to do is inject silly amounts of money into the political system that regulates your behavior. You can control the rate of the human population on this planet. You can bet that top one percent does not eat from our menu’s. With increases to organic consumption by those who have the means to do so, ensures an abundant supply of these pure foods to that one percent. Also the ability to have lavish surroundings and access to the best healthcare the President would receive will guarantee longevity. The ability to afford extravagant survival compounds underground in the case of world catastrophe or pandemic as well.

Of course you also see the systems you created are starting to come to a head in many places. You know a world depopulation needs to occur, if for the reduction in fossil fuel depletion alone. Also to have a one world government able to eventually form from its aftermath. This is your ultimate goal that must eventually be implemented. Its just a matter of having things into place. So you have a 9/11 in order to start implementing this control over the masses and the data they produce. This is why governments have no concern about the heath effects of its population. Only certain groups of individuals are going to be guaranteed survival. This will include troops and their families pulled into protection as well. There’s nothing like a grateful patriotic citizen you have trained with a gun to emerge with you eventually to repopulate. The rest will have to fight for it. Overall health concerns should be the least of our worries. It just a matter of when. This will be the true end of days for many of us.

When you are willing to kill a sum of your population for political, financial and human control. You are willing to do whatever it takes to get you out of a big problem you need to solve for your survival and continued control. Dis-concern for jobs of the Americans could be contributed to this as well. Especially if those jobs and health affects are putting large sums of money to that one percent.

Of course this could only be true if you believe that one percent and its interest’s are the interest of our government policies.

Possibly the motivation for such a global dominance might be from all the antisemitism wrongfully expressed towards the Jews. The murder of so many during WWII when the Pope turned his back on them. Then worst of all claim they are responsible for the death of Jesus which is false doctrine. This hatred by the over two billion Christians towards a few hundred million Jews would be motivation enough for the Jews at the top of our major corporations and the Federal Reserve. Good ole wholesome greed as well.

I am an atheist.


Alien abductions?

The reason I would like to mention this is because of an experience I can not get out of my thoughts on the whole alien encounter or possibly abductions? Two things tell me in fact the powers of the human mind. One an experience of sleep paralysis. Two a vivid dream experience. You see I live in Hawaii and in this part of the world we don’t see UFO’s or claim abductions. Unexplained lights are not the same thing as seeing crafts with no sound in broad daylight.

Therefore one on a subconscious level living here can dismiss this experience much easier than in other places. I went to bed one night and always had sleeping problems from an early age. In this experience I felt the feeling of paralysis. Only in this state I recognized the room around me to be my bedroom and dark with my eyes wide awake. Then I see this bright light shining through the sliding glass doors to my room on the second floor. Before I knew it I was seeing these beings staring down at me just as others have claimed in my room standing next to my bed. I knew this could not be and fought like hell to wake up. My mind was saying to me, there is no way a ship is outside my window. My neighbors would see it and what would they want with me of all people. I fought it and fought it then woke up. I was kinda scared still because I wasn’t quite sure it if it was real or not. Then within  a few minutes I realized this was the power of the mind working on my psyche during a state between deep sleep. I thought why of all things would I someone who completely at the time didn’t believe beings in ships even existed. I had not been exposed that I could remember to any media on the subject that would have influenced this into my mind. It was this paralyzing state that allowed something in my subconscious to trigger thoughts of these beings and lights. Not to say it didn’t take some time for my deduction aliens might have made me think it was a dream, being discounted to the nature of the phenomenon. It wasn’t until a couple of days later when I was looking through the movies on cable it dawned on me I had watched a movie that had Alien’s in it. It was about two weeks prior. The movie was Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Most sleep experiences for me are forgotten quickly like dreams. Only this one after a couple of days was still there. As a matter of fact it took about two weeks for it to stop popping into my thoughts. I believe I am probably an undiagnosed case for ADD without any doubt.

The second is a vivid dream experience. I have only had one in my lifetime which gave me for about a year the feeling I had seen into the future unable to forget it completely to this day. It finally faded from my recent memory to my subconscious. Upon waking I knew I had been having a really bad dream. The people in my dream were people I liked who were very religious and owned the home I had been leasing for the past 12 twelve years. In the dream I was in their home and it was on fire and I had been the one who started the fire. What really disturbed me was how this dream seemed so different. It was as if I knew I was dreaming while it was happening, because it was a picture in time and place for the future. I was a clear vivid in color setting, so sharp I could reach out and touch the flames it seemed.

It wasn’t until three years later and that dream was far from my thoughts by then. An incident occurred which had the older son being asked to handle it and took the view of another over me and I ultimately lost the home and all my valuable possessions to the perpetrators of this crime. I believe the sons reason for making these decision against me stemmed from a situation where I had gone out to help him broke down on the road. I ended up towing him home with my vehicle which scared the hell out of him because I was going too fast and the length of the tow rope was short. It wasn’t until some time later I was in that position while towing a vehicle that it dawned on me how scary it can be.

I had complete resentment towards these people now after moving out of that home. It wasn’t until about a year after moving out I had remembered this vivid dream I had many years earlier. The strange thing about all of it, was even after a year I could see myself doing exactly as I had dreamed without remorse. Thankfully I was not a suicidal person. Had I been so it may have crossed my mind to attempt to fulfill this prophecy in the beliefs it was a destiny of sorts. I also rely on a sense of reasoning in the underlying character of us all that says to take someone’s life is just plain wrong and have no right to do so, unless ours is in danger. I am an atheist by the way.

This is not to say there isn’t something going on. People in record numbers are reporting sightings and strange occurrences with lost segments of time. What it means to me is the power of human thought into the subject of beings in ships from far away places can play strongly in our subconscious then manifest themselves into our rational thought. A percentage of these experiences can be attributed to sleep paralysis. Any species with knowledge to this power of the human mind including other humans could exploit this aspect of our thoughts to their advantage as well.

If a species of great intelligence was among us. It would only seem logical they would attempt to have hybrids with humans. So would we if we had the power and know how to do so. We humans are still naive is all.

The “Aliens” are the gods

You make history when you are right. U just may not be there when it pops out of a data base~

Its been proved early man drew depictions in a skyward manner that clearly would be a craft in nature.

Therefore great technology was present well before we became civilized as a “species”

Putting all divine beliefs aside for a moment to the purposes of this view. Also to add every person

as far back as we can remember, learned about god from another human initially.

There is undeniable proof of ancient structural ruins all over the world in places that amaze us for such early technology.

With explanations to there existence attributed to man power because of slaves. These are the answers you give to people asking how come we can’t match the abilities of our ancient civilizations. If they were so ancient surly the knowledge of the world would have been much farther behind that of modern man and his abilities. To say your not sure how they did something is one thing. Your inability to match it in ability, should be of some concern. Otherwise greater technology has been on this planet well before us.

Who are we?

Clearly the beings depicted by those credible people who have seen or experienced are humanoid in nature and we call “aliens”. This is a very important factor. The fact that they breath oxygen and are very intelligent. This means if they are from another planet. That planet would have to be very similar to earth in many ways. Our bone structures allow us to carry our frame in this atmosphere. A planet of similar atmosphere would be necessary for them as well.

With great technology comes great knowledge. That great knowledge comes with the ability to understand the recurrence of great disaster in the ancient past where whole civilizations seem to have suddenly vanished. We’re amazed at some the technological know how of such early people. This is because civilization would crawl back after great calamity with little or no ability to save records of that knowledge. Then great calamity happens again thousands of years later or even hundreds. Each time causing man to revert back to early survival skills after an extinction. After great periods of time the surface can be repopulated.  Man gets tested once again. Our current existence can be traced back to one woman in Africa. This is very important as well. Mans ability to survive gets tested over and over. It turns out to be a very good choice, strong enough to survive starting over.

There is nothing in the Egyptian hieroglyphics that depicts any association with the building of the pyramids. You would think three big monoliths, would have you talking about them. Its been proved those pyramids would have been perfectly aligned with the constellation of Orion. Only it would have been over twenty thousand years ago.

For a species having the technology to travel in a craft in our atmosphere and near space, is much easier to attain than to try and go to other stars. To say its one good explanation for the technology we can not match in ability. Is proof to structures on this planet in our ancient past could be from a species that had the technology to fly in our low atmosphere like we have, only much better. As a matter of fact if we humans had that kind of technology. We would probably of had no problem establishing a coloney on the moon. Especially if lets say a rock was heading our way for the survival of the species. We would evacuate a certain amount of “people” or beings to keep the species from going extinct like thousands do on this planet.

To be so arrogant as to claim superior knowledge over all other inhabitants who ever walked the face of this planet, yet can’t duplicate their abilities, says just about anything could have been our past.

Just as these “beings” could be from another planet like ours. Means they could have been from our planet.

One of the great problems they would have needed to overcome once mixing their DNA with a primate.(missing link)

For civilized groups of people beginning to congregate in one area able to survive and grow with other families. It became much harder to live because people would do whatever it took to eat or get the possessions of another for gain and survival. The best way to cover up anything you did so no repercussion could come your way, is to kill all the witnesses. Still used today by ruthless people. People who really do not have any religious beliefs. To have the new species survive they needed to instill in most people, which wasn’t as hard as it would be today. A belief of an ever seeing deity that will reward or punish you when you die, depending how you behaved alive. One, the greatest thing anyone could ever want; eternal afterlife. The other of course great eternal burning. I mean everyone could imagine what burning to death would be like. Now add forever.

Unless of course someone can explain to me how something built in the past is beyond our abilities to duplicate. Also why early man drew pictures of crafts on the cave walls. Interstellar space travel has been pretty much proved to be impossible. There is just too many factors that can wipe out any craft.  My theory at least can hold water.

Your password protection ~_ 0 TED

Lori Faith Cranor talks of password strength in this TED talk. She fails to mention the strength of random number pass wording. 

Which may have to be written down, yet will become familiar in a short time when used often. Adding simple letters in upper and lower cases in succession to satisfy requirements. I have had only one site ever require a symbol. Interesting talk all the same.  


I Am Racist, and So Are You.

When you decide to associate with race on your own level and integrate those relations on a personal basis. Then you are one step towards closing the racial gap in thinking. Being selective in those relations only keeps that gap widened. Just believing you are not prejudice isn’t good enough.

Being Shadoan

And the sooner we both acknowledge this, the sooner we can begin to address the problem. So let’s talk.

“Wait just a minute here, Rachel. You’re like, the least racist person I know. You’re always sharing stuff about race and racism. You couldn’t possibly be racist.”

Here’s the deal. Racism isn’t just guys in white robes and Paula Deen shouting racial slurs. Racism is subtle, racism is insidious, and our culture is so deeply steeped in it that it’s impossible to grow up in the US and not be racist. It’s a kind of brainwashing: a set of default configuration files that come with the culture. It’s a filter, built up from birth, that alters our perception of the world. (Literally–racial bias makes people see weapons that aren’t there.) Racism isn’t just conscious actions; it’s judgements that happen so fast that we may not even be aware of…

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-Rainer Marie Rilke

For one human being to love another; that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks…

The work for which all other work is but preparation. 

-Rainer Marie Rilke


~loving Annabelle~

Time perception when stepping to the edge. Human entropy?

What am I speaking of when I say “the edge”?. The edge is a perception of the actual view into our no longer existing as a human by mistake or by hap chance and overcome it. Being able to actually view ourselves at that edge. You must remain conscience through the experience to appreciate it more. Realizing what stepping off that edge will be, the next dimension of what we consider to be what will happen when we die and will be your next experience. I have heard people give recollections of this experience stating they viewed their life flashing in front of them. The strange thing I find with this perception is our life has too much information for us to understand or comprehend in what could be considered a split second in time. You are usually very busy getting yourself out of it. Sure there are just some lucky ones. Those most times had nothing to do with the factors getting them in that position doing nothing to help themselves. That is dumb luck and rare. People who truly have been to the edge would I think agree wholeheartedly a perfect definition to someone who has never truly experienced, could be said in two words. The Edge. You looked over that edge, yet were fortunate enough by luck or action able to step back. 

We do many things that are risky and believe them to be calculated risks. Be it a desire for a specific outcome intentional or not. A sensation of thrill not thought out. Maybe just the wrong place and time or realizing this is not the time for any kind of mistake.  Our knowledge of whether we have the ability and confidence to be successful in split second decisions. Especially when it may be the actions of another who has just put you there.

I believe there also may be an adaptation for survival to risky behavior that sometimes gives us a split second advantage to know the reaction to causation for protection from harm. This could be as simple as getting into our vehicles and driving a short distance, mowing a lawn or even frying an egg.

I had an indelible experience once during an accident that happened while helping a friend with her vehicle. Unlike most vehicles this one had a drain plug for the fuel tank. In attempting to drain the tank I had noticed my small halogen light was a bit close for comfort, so I asked my friend to pull the light back a little (with some concern) as it was missing the glass lens. She bent down seeing the fuel was running down the back of my arm dripping off my elbow panicked jerking the light back causing the electrical cord to unplug right next to me. 

What still blows my mind to this day is how time seemed to almost stop, instantly a flash of flame overcame me sending me pulling away from the vehicle, then the actual flash explosion came a split second later as I pulled away once again. Almost a “Deja vu” experience. I don’t associate Deja vu with traumatic experiences. Those are usually hap chance random experiences in everyday interactions also rare. Usually involving other people making a statement or some actions we make leaving the feeling to have already experienced before. I felt I may have even dreamed a couple of those experiences. This was different, yet time seemed to stop much like those couple of times at the edge in those younger days when you think you’re invincible. Just without the preview.

When people describe traumatic experiences they have lived through. Many times all memory is usually lost just after the second of the experience. Sometimes forever or short periods coming back to them over time. They always seem to have a vivid memory of what they perceived to be doing up until that point. Hearing these experiences from people you also will get statements of the perception of time slowing down and everything seems to be happening in slow motion as well.

I have always been bothered by an experience I had at a time of a traumatic event I had gone through and why I experienced it. I was very coherent never losing conciseness, yet entered into the human response which is referred to as the “fight or flight” response. The adrenaline is now being administered throughout my body giving me the ability if only for a split second to see the future before it actually happens. This may be part of that survival mechanism built in to give us just that much edge on what we are about to step over, in order to give us the ability to think of the best reaction too what we are about to experience0